Today in the city Delta Junction 21.04.2018
Apache Junction Man Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Teens

A 36-year-old Apache Junction man has pleaded guilty to dozens of charges related to sexual abuse of teenage girls.

(Cockpit View) of the Swedish military Saab Gripen

A great video (Cockpit View) of the Swedish military Saab Gripen military aircraft maneuver in the air. The Saab JAS 39 Gripen is a light single-engine multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the S...

Congress Still Hasn’t Dealt With Its Sexual Harassment Problem

Senators have stalled a bill to overhaul how Capitol Hill handles complaint to avoid paying out of pocket if liable.

A flight attendant's primary job is to keep you safe — and they're trained extensively for any kind of emergency

During a plane emergency, flight attendants know exactly what to do. It's a flight attendant's primary role to keep passengers safe — serving you drinks and meals comes second. To know exactly w...

Alaska Airlines is cracking down on people who use emotional-support animals to let their pets fly free (ALK)

Alaska Airlines has announced a new policy for passengers traveling with emotional support and psychiatric service animals. On Thursday, the airline said all passengers with emotional support and psyc...

Delta jet makes emergency landing as smoke pours from engine 1 day after Southwest disaster

A Delta jet departing from the world's busiest airport made an emergency landing Wednesday after smoke was seen pouring from one of the plane's engines.

Southern California plans to spend $11 billion on the delta tunnels. Who will end up paying?

When the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California voted to finance the lion’s share of the delta tunnels project, some on the board called it a bold stroke of leadership. The delegations fro...

When it comes to the California delta, none of Gov. Jerry Brown's potential successors have tunnel vision

Gov. Jerry Brown scored big last week in his tenacious effort to build monstrous twin water tunnels in the California delta. But his legacy project could still collapse. No potential successor support...

Forget the delta water tunnels. Why not focus on desalination to slake L.A.'s thirst?

To the editor: While your editorial makes the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta water tunnels sound like a dire but necessary expenditure, the mere concept flies in the face of a sobering reality: Th...

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